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What Is an Overhaul?

Overhauls are to be performed on larger commercial and residential burners/boilers. An overhaul is similar to a Tune Up in its flurry of inspections, cleanings, and checks, but due to the complexity of the larger and more powerful commercial units, an overhaul requires the inspections of additional components, controls, and instruments associated with the larger commercial and residential burners/boilers

Overhauls consist of

  • The cleaning and inspection of the ignition/nozzle assembly
  • The replacement of belts, oil filters, air filters, and electrodes
  • Sight glass replacement or cleaning where applicable
  • Safety test of the automatic water feeder
  • Compressor lube oil change
  • An inspection of:
  • The low water cut off
  • Smoke alarm
  • Limit switches
  • Low air/oil switches
  • Oil transfer pumps
  • Compressor units
  • Indicator lights and more.
Hands on Heating Inc
Hands on Heating Inc

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